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"I’m a tinkerer and a problem solver."

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Wes Jones

Development & Usability Manager

I've had a passion for math and computer technology ever since I was a little kid; I’d dismantle my toys to see how they worked, and I recall with fondness the time I spent building the Millenium Falcon from LEGO bricks. It's that passion that led me to this profession. At a(m), I can apply my creativity and problem-solving skills to a wide range of clients and industries. The more ambitious the design, the greater the satisfaction I get from completing an elegant and efficient build.

After more than 5 years developing websites, I've learned that there's more to development than simple coding. Following best practices, keeping up with emerging technologies, focusing on usability, and designing for mobile are more important now than ever. By using the best tools, processes and resources available, we ensure that each team member's workload is balanced and that our projects are completed efficiently and expertly. When I see our hard work pay off with measurable results for our clients, it makes me very, very happy.

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