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Buffalo, New York

Enticing. Fresh. Extraordinary. Now, we’re not talking about Buffalo wings (although we could be) – we’re talking about our approach to your website strategy. Every client we work with gets served a tailor-made, results-driven strategy, a fact that’s set us apart from other web design agencies in our home base of Rochester, NY. 

We’re different, and we like it. Our local clients like it too, so we figured other folks might even want to get a taste for themselves. We’ve successfully applied our forward-thinking approach to Buffalo area companies such as EnviroPest, Express Gold Cash, and Royal Wash, but we’re always looking to dish out some digital deliciousness to even more new clients.

Here’s a little insight into how we do it:

Identify Opportunities

1. Identify Opportunities & Form Theories

In starting off our website design process, we carefully review your current site. This enables us to compile a list of experiment possibilities. We then rank them according to the anticipated outcomes, so you can comprehend our procedure and collaborate with us to set your marketing objectives.

2. Implement Givens

We start by identifying and taking advantage of the opportunities that have already been proven to be successful. We believe it is our responsibility to stay current on market studies and best practices, so we don’t want to waste your time or money on an experiment whose findings would be obvious.

Plan experiments

3. Plan Experiments

We then put each of our hypotheses to the test using reliable marketing experiments in order to reach valid conclusions. We may run A/B or multivariate tests based on particular site metrics. In order to give you a realistic expectation of the timeframe and results, we also create an estimated timeline based on your site traffic and our anticipated tests during this period.

Execute the experiments

4. Execute the Experiments

Depending on the scope of experiments, we will use our design team as needed and unleash the full potential of our marketing tools. Our experiments are constructed based on specific action plans, and we run them continuously until we collect a data set with results that are both statistically significant and useful.

Implement the winners

5. Implement the Winners

When complete results are in, we then (and only then) crown a victor. Behind the scenes, we’ll seamlessly update all tested pages to match the winning variation.

Start all over again

6. Start All Over Again

Lastly, we go back to the beginning and test the next theory with a new experiment! While we don’t believe in infinite testing, we do believe that one test won’t necessarily give you all the information you need. And the best thing about testing is that there is always a winner! Even if the outcomes didn’t match your expectations, they always offer a useful window into your customer base.

If we haven’t sold you on our digital marketing & website design services yet, take some time to learn more about us, our digital strategy, and our client success stories

Once you get a taste, you won’t want anything else. Get started with our website design services in Rochester, NY.

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