4 Basic Link Building Strategies

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These four strategies will be released as individual posts.

We’ve all done it and probably more than once. We’ve found ourselves searching some form of the phrase “best link building tactics.” And doing what Google does best, it delivers lists upon lists:  12 Strategies for 2021 or 13 Efficient Link Building Strategies, and even Brian Dean’s comprehensive list of link building tactics (which is, frankly, a list that seems endless!).

Look, we love a good list of link building (or SEO or CRO) tactics just as much as the next person. They’re quick and easy to navigate and they can get us working in no time. So, why are we discussing principles and not delivering another comprehensive list? For a very simple reason—lists limit the imagination. 

Here’s an example we’re all familiar with: The grocery list. 

You go into the busy grocery store and look down at the list. Right away you head to the produce section and pick up kale (your spouse ALWAYS puts kale on the list…ugh). So as much as you don’t want to, you put it in the cart. Then it’s directly over to the dairy section for the eggs and milk. Before you know it, you’re in your car driving home. But as you drive, you think of something you wanted but forgot to get, and at the next intersection, you find yourself turning around and heading back to the grocery store.

But, why didn’t you think of it while you were there? It wasn’t on the list!  Lists, although helpful, can limit us. 

In terms of link building, lists can cut short our opportunities. Once you’ve worked through the list of tactics, where do you go? Well, usually we wait for the next list to come out. But who’s producing all these lists? Those who are taking the time to come up with new strategies. And how do they come up with new strategies? By not living and dying by the lists. 

Instead, they work within the confines of basic principles and concepts—allowing their imaginations to roam into the realms of new and exciting possibilities. 

So, sorry list lovers, no lists here. But what is here may help you to make some lists of your own. 

Principle #1: Be Informative  

One of the main reasons people search the internet is to answer questions or do research.  

That means there are millions of people out there asking questions to which you may have the answers. Therefore, by sharing the knowledge you have, you can open doors to a whole lot of great linking possibilities. So, where do you start?

1) Produce Great Content

Here’s where the first link building tactic comes in: Produce great content. Then promote that content by doing outreach.

A quick word about content: you need to actually be saying something. Whether that’s giving detailed information, sharing your opinion, or giving inspirational advice, if you’re not adding value to the conversation then there’s no reason to link to your site.  So, make it informative and share the knowledge that you have. 

2) Use Graphics

And here we arrive at another tactic: Use Infographics, photos, and graphs in your content. 

These are great link drivers because they provide more backlinks to the source information, which makes your site look more credible. Be warned though: Don’t get lost in the details of the graphic. It should amplify your content, not distract from it. 

3) Make It Evergreen

As enjoyable as content may be, not many people will read it if it appears out of date. 

So keep it green, evergreen!

It’s true, you probably searched “2021 link building tactics” more than once this year. But how many times this year have you searched for “2019 link building tactics”?  While some of those tactics are still relevant today, they appear out of date and probably won’t drive any new links. 

However, there are other tactics you can utilize at this point, including updating your existing content and promoting it again. Or using the Skyscraper Technique.

4) Share Your Knowledge

Remember, this isn’t a list of tactics, this is a basic principle: “People want answers. Be informative!” 

That principle doesn’t just apply to the content on your site. It can apply to the content and information you share outside of your page. Approaching link building from that angle opens the door to more possibilities. 

For example: Guest posting is not dead! At least not when it’s done correctly. When reaching out to potential guest posting opportunities, be sure to write a pitch that converts.

5) Spread the Workload

Now, you might be thinking that all of this writing can get exhausting, especially with the thousands of other items on your to-do list (which can be a good list—depending on how long it gets). 

In truth, you could just let someone else do the work. You could hire an agency to help you navigate new opportunities and use their in-house experts to help write your posts. Or you could share the knowledge you have with others, without all the effort of writing by helping a reporter out. Better yet, share your experience and use reviews and testimonials for link building. Also for consideration: podcasts.

All of these are ways to “be informative” and establish quality links without requiring you to create your own website page or post. Need more clever ways to keep the information rolling? Look into the Robin Hood technique and splintering content.

6) Consider Parallel Universes…!

Since we’re thinking in terms of principles and not a list of techniques, we can now get creative!

There are some theories out there that another version of every person exists somewhere in a parallel universe. The implications are that there is someone out there who is interested in the same exact things you are. Not only are they interested in the field of business you’re in, but they also have the same personal interests outside of the office. 

Okay….let’s come back to this reality. That was a fun trip. Whether or not all of that is going on in the universe or multiverse is still to be discovered. But a lesson we can take away is this: You have a perspective that others will value. That perspective goes beyond the knowledge you have of your field to include your opinion of and insights about your field as acquired through your unique, individual experiences. 

For example, here are some questions that people are likely asking, and to which you may well have the answers:

  1. What’s it like to work in your field as a minority? 
  2. What are your thoughts on working in your field in the USA as opposed to your country of birth?
  3. As a person whose passion is the outdoors, how do you cope with an office environment? 

They’ve got questions, you’ve got answers. So embrace your unique perspective and run with it. 

When you do, you open up even more doors to link building and the scope of potential is greater. Because now, not only can you share your knowledge with those in your field of business, you can share your knowledge with those in your field of life. 

And that is something no one can duplicate…unless they’re in a parallel universe.


Hopefully this has you thinking of even more ideas for link building. So get on it and let your imagination soar beyond the confines of the lists!

What’s principle #2, you ask? Principle 2 is all about Connections. See how you can turn connections that you know about (and some you many not) into valuable link building opportunities.

Principle 3 is all about Helping Someone Out. Get six tips on how being nice to others can lead to more links to your site.

We’d love to hear your ideas! Reach out to [email protected] with any comments or questions.