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Every week we get together as a team and share articles we’ve been reading for our own enrichment. Topics include challenges our clients are facing, new industry developments, awesome work by others, or just pieces too funny NOT to share.

Below you’ll find those articles, plus a few of our own, that we’ve put together based on insights we’ve gained throughout our time in the industry.

Brian Tracy International Eat That Frog

Eat That Frog

Why it’s worth checking out:

No matter how much we like our jobs, there will inevitably be times when we have to do tasks we don’t enjoy. Instead of putting off these difficult tasks, we’re learning to embrace them thanks to the simple time management methodology of “eating the frog.”

QuillBot QuillBot Text Tools

QuillBot Text Tools

Why it’s worth checking out:

Looking to add a bit of oomph to your latest writing project? Try QuillBot, the AI-driven wordsmithing tool that helps enhance your messaging through careful rewriting. Summarize your copy, paraphrase your point, or even expand your writing into a more formal message — all with the click of a button.

Unbounce Video on Landing Pages Means More Conversions, Right? Wrong—Here’s Why

Video on Landing Pages Means More Conversions, Right? Wrong—Here’s Why

Why it’s worth checking out:

Not even well-established best practices are immune from falling by the wayside. You’ll want to learn what Unbounce discovered when they explored whether or not including a video on your landing page boosts your conversion rate. Turns out, videos do not boost your landing page conversion rates—and in some cases, they might even harm them.

Yes, You Can Market Nostalgia

Yes, You Can Market Nostalgia

There are lots of ways to position your company, your product, or your value. But which is best for you? We took theCLIKK’s “Words that Sell” Workshop to learn how to answer that question. Here are the key insights we took away from the class.

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