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Every week we get together as a team and share articles we’ve been reading for our own enrichment. Topics include challenges our clients are facing, new industry developments, awesome work by others, or just pieces too funny NOT to share.

Below you’ll find those articles, plus a few of our own, that we’ve put together based on insights we’ve gained throughout our time in the industry.

Fockups Fockups – F*cked Up Mockups

Fockups – F*cked Up Mockups

Why it’s worth checking out:

Mockups exist to show your designs in action, but too often they’re shown in a perfect world. In reality, your designs will face lots of challenges: wind, rain, time, graffiti, or even failing information carriers. Those unfortunate real-life situations are collected in Fockups, aka the funniest, most realistic design mockups you’ll ever see.

QuillBot QuillBot Text Tools

QuillBot Text Tools

Why it’s worth checking out:

Looking to add a bit of oomph to your latest writing project? Try QuillBot, the AI-driven wordsmithing tool that helps enhance your messaging through careful rewriting. Summarize your copy, paraphrase your point, or even expand your writing into a more formal message — all with the click of a button.

Branded in Memory Branded in Memory

Branded in Memory

Why it’s worth checking out:

How accurately can we recall logos we see on a daily basis? This experiment had 156 Americans draw 10 iconic logos from memory to see just that. Ultimately, it seems most folks are great with colors, but weak on shapes and elements. Check out the (hilarious) drawings for yourself and quiz your own logo memory.

Web.dev Web Vitals

Web Vitals

Why it’s worth checking out:

When Google announced its 2020 page experience update, it didn’t provide much detail in the way of a plan to help businesses adapt to them. The Web Vitals initiative explains in detail what to expect with the updates and provides an extensive list of tools for companies to use internally to make sure they’re compliant.

Moz Diagnosing Traffic Drops During a Crisis: Was It You, Google, or the Whole World?

Diagnosing Traffic Drops During a Crisis: Was It You, Google, or the Whole World?

Why it’s worth checking out:

Moz is a great source that we recommend in general, but the reason we love this particular article is because of the way it gracefully tackles a major topic on the forefront of most marketers’ minds during COVID. The graphical elements are well done and the insights offered are inquisitive, reassuring, and informative.  

Exploding Topics Top New Marketing Strategies

Top New Marketing Strategies

Why it’s worth checking out:

We love Exploding Topics for staying ahead of new marketing trends. Their curated collections make it easy to see what trends are on the rise and which have already peaked. It’s a great tool to watch specific industry areas and discover content your audience may be looking for that you don’t even know about yet.

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