Seasonality, Holidays, and ROI

avatar Accelerate Media | Staff Piece

It’s suddenly that time of the year again! Snow falling, turkeys roasting, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday, unbelievably, behind us. Businesses should be taking a very close look at what they are doing to take advantage of the holidays this time of the year. It is a fact that conversion intent is highest during the months of November and December (especially on Black Friday & Cyber Monday). Consumers have their wallets out and are ready to pull the trigger on any deal that appeals to their interests. Don’t sit idle; there’s money on the table!

Here’s a quick breakdown of some strategies various businesses types can use to capture holiday traffic and conversions:

Retail and e-commerce companies absolutely must consider retail holidays a priority in planning budgets and advertising efforts throughout the year. One of our clients invested 3x paid search monthly budgets in line with holiday shopping. Now that may seem like a lot, but their ROI was through the roof! They realized a $20: $1 return on their investment during this period, compared to just under $10: $1 in other months.

Take note, though: you need to keep a close eye on your paid search budgets as the holidays get ever closer. Traffic spikes (such as those seen on Cyber Monday and in the last days for guaranteed arrival) can chew up your budget very quickly. Be sure to watch and increase it as needed so you don’t lose out on valuable clicks. Remember, a click on these days is more likely to convert than other days in the year, so your ads need to be live.

Service industries can get in on the action as well. If you have an email list, send out a deal. Make it an offer for a future service that builds brand loyalty and makes your customer commit. If you can add some holiday flavor, that can really help drive things home.

It makes less sense for B2B companies to focus huge efforts around retail holidays, but you don’t have to miss out on the fun. There are many opportunities for holiday-themed e-books, infographics, or whitepapers throughout the winter season. Individuals will be more likely to engage with your content if it is creative and relevant, so mixing valuable industry information with a touch of little holiday spice can be a great recipe for success.

Feeling like you’re ready to give some of these techniques a try? Remember that the holiday season is a great time of year to get creative. Engage—and have fun!—with your customers. They are ready to buy from you, so get out there and make it happen!