Magento Development: Is it the Right E-Commerce Solution for Your Project?

Resident Magento Guru: Brian Van Buren

In addition to leading our hotshot team of Web developers, our multi-talented lead developer also specializes in strategizing, conceptualizing, and programming custom Magento projects.

About Magento Programming

Magento is a scalable, high-performance ecommerce solution for businesses. Right out of the box, it contains most of the functionality anyone would want or need in a shopping cart. It’s also extremely flexible and infinitely customizable.

When to Use Magento

Magento is our go-to solution when we’re building a large ecommerce site with multiple products for sale. It’s is a great tool that allows us customize everything exactly how our clients want. Magento is especially powerful if there are complex business rules relating to your inventory, or if we need features such as promotional codes, sales, and international shipping.

If you don’t need an online store, or if you do need a store but your product selection is limited or doesn’t change much, we’ll go with something else. We have other solutions up our sleeve that are more practical and better suited to your needs.

Magento 2 Development

Magento 2 is the latest platform of Magento. It allows for a better user interface, better security and an overall faster site experience. For customers looking for the latest and greatest e-commerce platform, we highly recommend checking out Magento 2.

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