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Email marketing, e-books, a CRM, remarketing ads: they’re all just tools. Our lead nurturing services are about integrating those tools into a buyer’s journey based on a smart strategy.

We’ve got the lead generation tools, or we can use yours. The important thing is we have the experience and the strategic chops to put those tools to use in an automated fashion that will actually happen—along with full-funnel feedback.


Points Navigator

Time Frame: 2020 Campaign

Emails in Lead Nurturing Campaign

Average Open Rate

Just like their credit card recommendations, Points Navigator’s lead nurturing campaign needed to get personal to be successful.


Points Navigator is a credit card point tracking website. But, unlike most other point tracking solutions, Points Navigator isn’t backed by a bank that wants them to push certain cards. What’s more, their services are designed to be custom for each unique cardholder, letting users store a virtual wallet of cards to get personalized recommendations moving forward. 


Points Navigator is a truly unique tool compared to the traditional blog sites out there. The challenge is that most viewers don’t investigate enough to fully understand or appreciate these features. It is also a paid membership model, and casual use and surface-level understanding isn’t enough to get people to subscribe.  

It was up to Points Navigator and a(m) to find a way to introduce users to the benefits of Points Navigator and turn them into a paying customer down the road. The most efficient and effective way to do this was to not just rely on the publicly available content, but also to execute an email-based lead nurturing campaign. 

Our Solution

Cultivated & Relevant Content

Providing Value in Exchange for an Email

In exchange for their email address (yes, JUST an email address), Points Navigator gives users a free membership for 30 days, during which they get full access to the site and all its functionality. Over the duration of that free membership, a series of 27 emails are sent through a drip campaign. These emails share details about site functionality and provide valuable content and resources to the potential subscribers — the ultimate goal. Each email offers real value to the user, without asking for anything, building value and trust over the 30 days. By the time the first email about membership comes through, they’ve already benefited from the 20 brief, free informative emails.

User Journey through drip campaign
27 Emails Is a Lot…

The idea isn’t to fill their inbox to the point of overflowing. Rather, it is to create engaging content so users want to open that email when they see it’s from you. Why? Because they know it’s going to be chock-full of great information – just like the last 5 were. 

This isn’t an easy thing to achieve, but it pays off in the end. 

Examples of Lead Nurturing Emails

Anatomy of a Good Email

What make a good email?

1. Relevant & Engaging Imagery

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but it should directly relate to the body of the email.

2. Relatable & Valuable Text

Make it helpful to your customers.
Be concise.
Keep it consistent with your brand.

3. One Clear CTA to encourage users to a specific action

Think of the CTA like a signpost. If you point them in more than one direction, you may just confuse your users. (Notice you can spot the CTA even in the tiny images above this diagram – they’re supposed to be obvious).

Personalization isn’t only “Hello {First Name}”

Truly personalized content is about aligning the content you’re providing with the goals of your users. They don’t fall in love with your company because you include their name in the email, they fall in love with your brand because you’re able to consistently provide content that speaks to their current and ongoing interests. In Points Navigator’s case, the users are incredibly interested in credit cards, the perks, the newest deals, etc. Once they start to interact with certain elements of your marketing, you’ll be able to track what kind of content they want. The content could be an ebook about a topic they’re interested in, a tool on your website, or nearly anything that can be shared with visitors. The idea is to meet them where they are at —and get them to contribute to your bottom line because it’s a good match. 

“We’ve had big dreams for Points Navigator since its inception and couldn’t imagine entrusting it to any company besides Accelerate Media. We knew their history and knew what they’re capable of – it was never a question for us.”

Jason Foley, Co-founderr
Full Funnel Marketing
Full-Funnel Lead Nurturing Services

In order to cultivate and nurture meaningful relationships with your prospects and maximize the potential of your social marketing efforts, we make use of cutting-edge lead nurturing tools. If we haven’t sold you yet, take some time to learn more about us, our digital strategy, and our client success stories.

Engaging customers
Lead Generation in Rochester, NY

Our lead nurturing services focus on communication beyond just marketing. After all, if someone feels all you want is a sale, they may be hesitant to move forward. If they get to know your brand, what you have to offer, the benefits they’ll receive, and how this will help them well into the future, then they’re more likely to convert. It’s our job to provide your users with the information they need to understand your company values, trust your brand, so you can forge a connection that makes them feel ready to purchase. 

Omni-channel marketing
Cross-Channel Relationships

Because we are now more technologically connected than ever before, it’s important to create relationships with prospects across various delivery channels. From personalized emails to retargeting ads, we make sure your message suits your intended audience and meets them where they are in the buyer’s journey without overwhelming them. 

People don’t want to be talked at, they want to be spoken to in a way that reflects their unique needs and addresses their specific concerns. Our digital nurturing services team ensures that your lead nurturing campaign encompasses the entire spectrum of communication your prospects receive—from newsletters and product updates to drip emails and social ads.

Ready to put those tools to use? Get started with our lead nurturing services in Rochester, NY.

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