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Broadcast Collateral

Research shows that viewers retain about 95% of what they watch. That’s good news for the over 13 billion videos served online every day. We’ll create memorable video marketing posts and products with our video marketing services.

Show and sell: ramp up your sales with broadcast collateral. Many companies fear video marketing is too expensive or even ineffective. That may have been the case in the bad-old dial-up days, but today, engaging video productions and animations can convey information and ideas—and motivate action—in ways that words alone cannot.

Check out some videos that convert.

Draft Sharks

Draft Sharks is a nationally recognized Fantasy Football advice website. Since much of its content is gated to non-members, a(m) created a series of explainer videos to allow people to see “behind the curtain.” We tested various scripts and productions for engagement and conversion rates, and ultimately implemented the winning versions on the home page, on PPC landing pages, in YouTube video campaigns, and on instructional pages. This effort helped realize a 40-60% increase in conversion rate across the board, as well as a 128% increase in paid memberships.

“The combined skill set and competency at Accelerate Media is higher than any other company I’ve worked with.”

Lenny Pappano, Principal

Points Navigator

Points Navigator is a credit card point tracking website designed to act as a single point of truth, guiding and recommending cards to users of all experience levels. Because a lot of points websites claim to “be independent” or “offer tailored suggestions” that are really being pushed by a bank looking to profit, we knew adding an informative video explaining the process PN employed was critical for building trust. We tested two variations of the explainer video, implementing the version that produced more engagement and led to more sign-ups. 

“a(m) has never disappointed in all the years I’ve worked with them. Their quality and skill continue to grow with each new undertaking.”

Lenny Pappano, Principal


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the center of what Ceipal Procurewise focuses on. In this DEI Live™ podcast, we took production studio footage and edited it together with the intro and outro for a staffing industry event.


Our web strategy for GeoTherm is simple: differentiate them in a cluttered, competitive field of energy efficiency providers to effectively establish their position as specialists in the design and installation of high-end custom solutions.


Our partnership with WomensNet began more than a decade ago with a website build. Since then we’ve refreshed their branding, created digital ebooks, and revitalized their email marketing efforts. When they started doing video interviews with their winning entrepreneurs, they naturally came to us to add the final touches.

“A(m) keeps busy at work behind the scenes in keeping our Amber Grant website up-to-date and looking beautiful. Their creativity and design perspective are top notch.”

Cindy Krautwurst, Advisory Board Member

Video Marketing
Video Marketing

It’s official: marketing with video is here to stay. According to Forbes, 90% of customers say that product video helps them make buying decisions and, according to Animoto, 64% say that watching a video makes them more likely to buy. But it’s not just the customers; marketing professionals know it too! According to HubSpot research, 97% of marketers say that video marketing has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

Video Audience
Different Videos for Different Audiences 

It’s one thing to shoot a hero video loop for your home page and another to construct an attention-grabbing clip for social media; one thing to capture a heartfelt service testimonial, another to create an animated explainer video. Lucky for you, we understand the nuances of video production—and when to choose which format and what style. 

Let our Rochester, NY based team of video production experts create the right video for your marketing needs. We know the tips and tricks for making a video enticing and effective, and we draw upon best practices and our own experience to make the right choices for length, SFX, VO, text overlays, captioning, and more.

Video style reflecting brand
A Style That Suits You

Not only does your video marketing content need to suit the situation; it also needs to reflect your brand and your business. Want to showcase your space, your team, and your culture? We’ll come to you to capture live footage. Want to explain a service or highlight the unique functionality of a product? We’ll likely take a more graphic-driven approach that weaves in real footage or stills. No matter what you hope to achieve with your video, we’ll find the visual style that suits your business and the format that will get results. 

Don't just sit there. Let's get moving. Our Rochester, NY based video marketing services are sure to deliver.

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