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We must admit that we are not passionate about "social media campaigns." But what really excites us is taking part in social media marketing campaigns that offer trackable returns on investment (ROI).

While measuring your “followers” and “engagement” can be fun, those things don’t usually help accomplish the ultimate goal of conversions. At a(m), we focus on the value of a company’s presence on social channels—and on getting great results through targeted paid social media marketing. If you want a social strategy that’s rooted in results, not fluff, we might be the right fit for you. As a social media marketing agency in Rochester, NY we work tirelessly to strategize, execute, and optimize your social marketing strategies, ensuring that your brand achieves measurable success and tangible growth.



Time Frame: One Year

Increase in Leads

Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition

The price was right for CEIPAL and their LinkedIn marketing campaign.


CEIPAL, a SaaS platform offering recruiting and workforce management software, became a client at the end of 2018. We work with them for a variety of services, one of which being social media advertising. Prior to a(m), CEIPAL invested $8,000 into a LinkedIn advertising campaign in order to test the feasibility of adding a new channel to their marketing mix. The results were modest at best – 60 leads and a cost per acquisition of $141. 


When a(m) was tasked with driving new leads with LinkedIn, we couldn’t help but get excited. Similar to our Facebook advertising strategy, a(m) leveraged LinkedIn’s powerful look-a-like audience algorithm to find prospects that might need the same solution that existing customers needed. Given the previous lackluster results, the client agreed to a $2,000 starting budget with cautious optimism.

Our Solution

Skilled Targeting


Through savvy decision making and skillful targeting, a(m) was able to increase lead volume by 15% off of a quarter of that initial budget. The most impressive metric was the improvement in the cost to acquire a new lead, dropping from an initial $141 down to $31 – an impressive 78% cost reduction. With that low of a cost per acquisition, CEIPAL was thrilled – approving an increase in budget on the spot. 

CEIPAL LinkedIn Lead Stats Wide

“Accelerate Media’s ability to take something good and turn it into something great is truly remarkable. To say it simply, they know their stuff.”

Peter Velikin, CMO
Social Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Let the team of experts at a(m) create a social marketing campaign that actually achieves the ROI you need. We understand that “conversions” is not a metric used homogeneously across the board. Unlike other agencies, we don’t just attempt to increase your followers.

We look at getting visitors all the way through the funnel to achieve real, actual conversions (the kind that translates to money in your pocket).

Smart social campaigns for CRO
Smarter Social Campaigns

There are many ways to approach social media, and there’s a lot to consider when determining which goals are realistic and which will provide meaningful results. We start with an audit to identify what’s working (and what’s not), who’s engaging with your brand, which channels are used by your target audience, and how your existing social presence stacks up against the competition. 

After that, we think about how we can improve those metrics with a campaign that will bolster your presence and help you reach your conversion goals. Our social media marketing campaigns are sure to impress your target audience!

Social metric analysis
Determine the Metrics

It’s hugely important to understand which metrics signal success for you. After all, brand awareness isn’t enough if the goal is selling products, and audience growth won’t help if you’re trying to reduce your cost per lead. We’ll help you determine which metrics to watch and will uncover the social strategy to improve them. 

Sometimes organic posting is enough, but other times it’s important to consider paid campaigns. Our Rochester, NY based social media marketing experts will evaluate all potential opportunities and identify which elements need to be included in your campaign. Our recommendations cover all aspects of social media marketing, including types of advertisements, budgets, campaign setup and execution, results reporting, and more.

Want more leads for less dough? Get started with our social media marketing services in Rochester, NY.

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