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Whiteboard: Accelerate Media Blog

They say nature abhors a vacuum. We love it. When we see a white wall,
we want to write on it. Thus, this space. Like the whiteboard-painted walls
in our conference room, we'll fill it up with ideas, express our opinions and share
what we've learned in our daily quests for insight and knowledge.

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Link Building – Keep the Process Human

By being an effective communicator, giving out links, and fostering new human connections, you will quickly and easily enhance your link building.   Continue Reading

​New Year, New Content

Every search engine optimizer knows that content marketing is the name of the game, but what’s the best way to disseminate that content to earn likes and shares on social media—and, ultimately, to gain inbound links?  Continue Reading

3 Ways to Use Paid Search Prior To SEO

I’ll admit it: my marketing roots are as a PPC Guy. Now with that said, I do believe SEO is the top priority in making a website an integral cog in your business success. I just also believe that sometimes it makes sense to step b…  Continue Reading

SEOs Are Not SEOs. But We Still Do SEO.

What am I: An online marketer, a Web developer, or an “SEO”? I’m all three, but here at Accelerate Media we decided to go with “Online Marketing Strategist.” The reason is that, simply speaking, SEO is a loaded term that doesn’t adequately describe what this specialized field of Web strategy is all about.  Continue Reading

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